My 7 Month Baby Blog Post – Solids, Sleep Patterns, Feeding Technique & Swim Classes

father teaching his baby son to swimHello and hope you have all had a good month.

What a lovely month Zoe has had! Exploring new foods, swimming and developing her physical strength in sitting position.

On the downside those little teeth have been a right pain!

Week 25 – Solids Diet

Started mashing most food now as keen to get Zoe used to lumps early on.

SO much quicker and easier and she actually seems to prefer a bit more texture to her food now! She tends to have whatever we have had for dinner the next day. I try and give her at least one source of protein a day.

Week 26 – Night Sleeping Patterns

Zoe was still waking once a night for a feed around midnight, however once I introduced protein (meat) and upped the dairy in her diet she went through till 5-6am! At last, getting a longer stint of sleep makes us both happier people!

This seems to be the general pattern now and at 5am I try and leave her for a long as possible and then feed her on one side only.

I then put her back down and she generally then wakes at 7-8am when I offer her the other side and then we start the day with breakfast.

Week 27 – Introducing Mesh feeder

Bought a mesh feeder for foods such as melon, cucumber and cheese. Peel and cut up a few chunks of veggies & fruit, she loves to explore new flavours and textures this way.

Finding that it soothes her gums when its chilled and she loves to suck on the juices. It makes quite a bit of mess but it’s a safe way for her to explore this raw food at this stage.

Week 28 – Baby Swim Classes

We have had a few private sessions now with a group of people, all with babies of varying ages.

All was going well until this week when Zoe was submersed and then released by the instructor under water! This shocked both Zoe and me and it took a long time and a lot of effort to calm her down L

I decided to finish the class early as she was so distressed and will go this weekend with my husband at a local pool to try and give her a positive experience in the water. Fingers crossed!

My 6 Month Old Baby Blog Post – Bathing, Teeth, Weaning & Holiday Time!

6_month_old_weaningWow! We have reached this milestone and what a change in our baby!

Bet all you parents out there found that too, so much change in so little time. It won’t be long before it’s her first birthday!

Week 21 – Loving Bath time

Zoe is really interested in her bath time book! She loves sucking it and turning the pages. She now lies down in the big bath, we have taken her out of the baby bath and I support her head with one hand. I fill the bath up with a small amount of water, she loves to kick her legs and lifts her legs right up in the air to touch her toes and then kick them down making a big splash! I also hold her up to standing as she loves to kick her toes in the water and we sing a special song together to finish! She always smiles at this point when she hears the tune!

Week 22 – Building Up Solids & Weaning

I have been giving her baby rice in the morning and vegetable/fruit puree now at lunch and dinner. The Health Visitors have advised that I plough on now with the solids and soon introduce dairy and meat, giving her more lumpy foods also.

I keep a list of what I have tried and any side effects – also a to try list.

I keep on trying with foods even if she isn’t keen as often the second time trying it she likes it!

Going to wait till she is 6 months to introduce meat but will start to put cows milk in her breakfast and in her other meals from now on.

Week 23  – Her First Tooth

Now I understand after all these years hearing parents complain about their little ones teething, going on about how they have been up all night and how their child becomes ever so distraught with this process. Now, I understand, now I can relate!

Poor little Zoe has been a different baby, whingy, clingy and not sleeping well in the day. Thankfully hasn’t affected her nights too much.

Easing the discomfort with teethers, bonjela and a frozen facecloth. Have also bought some teething granules, though haven’t used yet.

Anyone got any other suggestions?

And the thing is these little buggers can take weeks to come through!!

Not fun for anyone. She gnaws on her fists, dribbles, has little spurts of screaming in pain, and her cheeks are sometimes red.

After two weeks, we have glimpsed her first tooth! Amazing! What a hard time it has been getting it! And so many more to come L Though the say the first two are the worst, fingers crossed!

Week 24 – Her First Family Holiday

This week we went on our first holiday with Zoe.

This will be her second flight. Previously one who thought you don’t need much for babies….well, I am mistaken…how much stuff do these little people need!!

If you are looking for a list of what to take – check out this Babycentre packing checklist which is very useful

Our precious little girl is now 6 months…can’t quite believe it!

If you had to choose one moment over the last 6 months what would it be?

Please share it with us….

My special moment would be the birth – seeing Zoe for the first time and then holding her whilst my husband sat by us. It was a magical moment and we both shed a few tears thinking back on it!

My 5 Month Old Baby Blog Story

5 months baby girlHello all readers, hoping you and babies are well.

A bit late with this  – my next blog post!

Would love to hear your highlights of the past month and welcome any tips that you may have.

Little baby has changed so much this month, trying to sit up now and babbling away. Chewing fingers is a great pastime!

Week 17 – Tummy Time

Little baby is getting much stronger with her neck and head control now.

I try and put her on her tummy before a feed for about 5-10mins and interact with her on the floor.

She lifts herself up, pushing down on her arms and turns her head from side to side following toys etc.

Its really great to help them build that core strength needed for sitting up and crawling.

It is though hit and miss with her tolerance on her tummy!

Week 18 – Introducing Solids

After much debate about whether to wait for a bit longer before starting solids I felt like she was needing something more now at this stage.

The Department of Health and Health Visitors advise to start at 6 months.

After speaking with my local GP about either introducing a formula feed in the evening or giving a small amount of baby rice, I decided to go with the baby rice as really wanted to try and make 6 months exclusively breast feeding.

Baby took the rice well and had no trouble swallowing. Seemed eager for more!

Only gave 1tsp at 5pm and as a result she dropped a night feed, which was more of a snack feed in the night anyway. It all helps though!

Did find over this week though that she was quite windy in the night, so was advised to move it to breakfast time so that she has all day to digest it.

This is working much better for her and next week will give her some at lunchtime also after her mid morning feed. Just a teaspoon  at this stage.

Week 19 – Rolling Over

So exciting, this week my little one rolled from front to back!

It took us both by surprise as she looked up at me startled and after a lot of praise a smile soon appeared as if to say “heh look what I can do Mummy”.

She hasn’t done it since though!

Whenever she is on her tummy, I encourage her to push up and turn over with some help.

Week 20 – Eliminating Caffeine

Day sleeps have got shorter recently, with some days just being 45 minutes each.

These days are exhausting for us both!

Had a think about reasons for this and recently have gone back to drinking caffeinated coffee out in cafes.

Decided to go back to decaf coffee when out and this seems to have made all the difference with her sleeping for longer periods again.

Because I am exclusively breast feeding and enjoy quite a bit of chocolate I think it just builds up in her system leaving her slighty wired!

Next month is an important milestone and solids will really come into play!

Looking forward to introducing all the new foods and the mess! J

Quote of the month

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection”.

Sigmund Freud

My 4 Month Old Baby Blog

Mother massaging  babyHello lovely people! Hope you & babies are well.

Would love to hear how your journey is going and for you to share some special moments with us.

My special moment was hearing Zoe laugh away as I bounced her up and down on my lap whilst singing Row Row Row your Boat!

Couldn’t help but laugh with her, which made her giggle even more!

Here is a breakdown of my 4th month experiences and observations – hope you find them interesting and useful.

Week 13 – Curing Cradle Cap

I had previously mentioned that I was prescribed Diprobase to use on Zoe’s Cradle Cap and dry skin. I have actually found that some Olive Oil and brushing her scalp with a soft baby brush is equally as effective. It’s looking a lot better but requires persistence and have been doing at least morning and night for a few weeks now.

Week 14 – Time To Unswaddle !

Finally Yes! This week Zoe decided after a few attempts at going cold turkey with the swaddle with both arms out in a grow bag that she was going to sleep un-swaddled! So relieved J

She went off nicely in her grow bag in the first nap of the day.

I also put her feeding muslin in with her as I had noticed she likes to hold it whilst feeding, so thought this may help her settle.

No going back now, also ordered a mobile for her cot to help her wind down before her day sleeps as these are often more tricky for her to settle.

Mobile seems to be a big hit! She coos and squeals looking up at it…came recommended, it’s the BabyLove Classic mobile. Don’t be put off at first as it does seem a gimmicky but it really does the trick!

Week 15 – Establishing A New Routine

This week I really concentrated on looking at Zoe’s patterns, i.e when she was hungry and tired.

I then came up with her rough routine for the day, making sure I crammed in enough feeds to tank her up for the night!

This routine is flexible but the emphasis is on 3 naps per day, with the longest being in the middle part of the day and feeds 3-4hrly, starting from 7am.

Week 16 – Night Feeds

Zoe is still waking around midnight for a feed and then at 5am, settling immediately afterwards and then waking around 7am, when we start our day!

Any feed before 7am I treat as a night feed, so feeding in the dark with no stimulation.

I still haven’t introduced a dream feed as feel its more natural not too, however as the weeks go on, she may get hungrier then I may decide to try it.

Now giving full feed before bed rather than split feeds as feel she is hungrier at that time and fills her up nicely for bed.

Please do comment back with any questions or any related experiences you have had with your baby!

A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it

Frank A. Clark

My 3 Month Old Baby Blog Story

Newborn Baby In CotHi all. Hope you & babies are doing well!

Wow! Reached the 3 month milestone and it feels good!

Here’s how the past few weeks panned out for Zoe and I, there’s been challenging times but the smiles and giggles make it all worthwhile!

Week 9 Transition Crib To Cot

I made the decision this week to move Zoe into her own room.

She is quite a noisy sleeper and to be honest I wanted our bedroom back! Started by placing her into her own cot in the daytime for naps. She was already familiar with the room as was doing feeding and changing in there.

She slept with no problems, so after a few naps placed her in there at night and thankfully all worked out well! Found the first few nights hard to sleep as worried about her moving around etc. But gradually got used to it and then felt quite guilty moving her out so soon!

Oh well, can’t go back now!

Bought a swaddle sack called a Woombie, check out

Had used one on a baby before and as Zoe was waking herself up by coming out of her muslin swaddle, decided to give this a go!Invested in two as then always have a spare if one needs washing!

She loved it as it makes her feel secure and also prevents unnecessary waking.

Question: Anyone else using these swaddle bags and how are you finding them?  

Week 10 Night Feeds & Sleep

Night feeds are still at once a night, with them becoming shorter. Luckily she goes down nicely after a feed so it’s a quick turnaround! Stopped changing at night now when she wakes as nappy doesn’t feel as saturated and the less disturbance the better.

She has been sleeping longer stints at night over the past few weeks, anywhere from 6-9 hours and has done her first 8pm-6am sleep! A lucky Mummy J

Spoke with the Health Visitor who suggested to wake Zoe up as she may get dehydrated and that most likely it is a one off! Also to keep an eye on nappies etc. making sure they are wet in the morning.

And if it continues just monitor her weight. My instinct was to let her sleep as nappies are fine and seems content, so left her and the next night she was back to waking once again!

Week 11 Cradle cap & Sleeping Through!

Zoe has developed quite a lot of cradle cap on her head and eyebrows, poor thing! Have been rubbing sunflower oil into it twice a day, morning and evening. Have been advised not to pick it off but can gently brush off using a soft baby brush, so may try this.

Question: Has anyone else got any suggestions for treatment of cradle cap?

We had a breakthrough this week as Zoe slept through the night 5 times! Yeh J Going down around 8am and waking around 5 or 6am. Fingers crossed we are on the path to sleeping through!

Week 12: Swaddling & Growth Spurt

So, after 5 times of sleeping through we are back to waking once a night and Zoe is starving! Think she is going through her 12 week growth spurt as feeding for longer during the day and having a big feed once a night anytime from 2-4am. What a shock it has been going back to night feeds after having that lovely unbroken sleep! Hopefully just a short phase and sleeping through wasn’t just a teaser! Also trying to transition out of the Woombie and not having much success!

They suggest taking their arms out once baby can roll.

Zoe isn’t even near rolling yet but seems to be kicking off covers and sucking her bag, which looks to me like she is trying to self-soothe! Defo a thumb sucker on the way!

She also is 3 months now and from experience I know that habits are harder to break now past this point!

Started with day naps, trying cold turkey straight into grow bag with arms both out. No chance! Tried for about 30 mins, calming her with one hand on tummy and hands on her hands but she was so unsettled with her arms flailing around!

Also tried again a few days later with one arm out in muslin swaddle and again found it hard to settle but did and slept for a short while.

Have decided to hold off for a bit longer as her startle reflex still seems quite prominent. She is doing so well at night and settles so nicely in the woombie.

I don’t want to disrupt things just yet and I feel like in another month she may be less erratic with her movements and easier to transition.

Please do share any tips you might have on transitioning out of a swaddle?

Also what age did you swaddle your baby til?

Tip of the month!

‘Johnsons wipes extra protection’ have a nappy cream/aloe vera in them!

Which saves taking creams around with you applying them.

Next month….plans to establish a daily routine for Zoe and start some local baby groups. Excited as the groups give me as much entertainment as they will do Zoe!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one” Jill Churchill   

My 2 Month Old Baby Blog Story

Picture presenting cute sleeping babyWeek 5 – Nappy rash

Time is just flying! One day with this little one rolls into the next.

Now I understand what others mothers meant when they said “I never find time to do anything”. One thing I have learnt, you have to make time.

Within reason fit the baby around your life and your needs otherwise you’ll never get anything done!

My poor little baby’s nappy rash continues. Still using Pampers nappies as I have been from Day 1. Tried Bepanthen and Metanium, and these don’t seem to be helping. Have found that Johnsons Baby Wipes Extra Sensitive work the best so far.

May book a GP appointment to get this checked out.

Week 6 – Breastfeeding

Well, I continue to feel like a feeding machine!

This week I contacted the National Breastfeeding Helpline Number:

Aren’t they a helpful bunch…what a super service. On call 24/7 which is really useful and you can just call from your nursing chair!

Wanted some tips on trying to reduce wind after feeding.

They suggested moving baby to a more upright position – her tummy on my tummy, kind of a ‘koala’ position! Then it goes with gravity.

This has helped massively so far, and she is burping mid feed which is efficient!

Also talked about let down and slowing the initial spurt down a bit.

Now hand expressing for a few minutes before morning feeds when I am the fullest! Think better than expressing as this will just stimulate milk production and that seems all fine so far.

Oh and by the way, we had her first smiles this week, a magical moment which brought a tear to my eye.

Week 7 – Nappy rash continues

So the nappy rash continues, a red area on bottom along with small red spots…managed to get a GP to take a look at it.

He prescribed some anti-fungal cream as looks like a fungal infection. Also suggested to use Cetraben.

Also encouraged lots of nappy free time. This proves challenging, finding time and protecting all nearby equipment from accidents! J

Decided against using Cetraben as felt area was well moisturized.

Tried Pampers Baby Dry nappies, supposed to be more absorbent, but still not helping rash. Discovered that local pharmacist sells two types of Metanium!

There’s my mistake! Should have asked…have been using barrier cream rather than the ointment/yellow paste. This helped clear it slightly.

Then a friend suggested changing the nappy brand….I knew this from experience so why didn’t I think of this myself and try it earlier!

Changed to Naty nappies (which are purely natural) – you can get them in Waitrose and Amazon.  And overnight the rash cleared up..

Week 8 – Bedtime Routine

Nearly two months old, can’t believe it! And baby is feeling bigger and stronger every day. Definitely makes you think about making the most of this time as they grow up too quickly.

Quite conscious that I wanted to start a bedtime routine so that my husband and I could get our evenings back!

Tallying up her sleep for the day on the fantastic BabyFeed Iphone App! I am making sure she doesn’t have more than 10-11 hours by 6pm…starting from midnight. So that she is saving up a big stint for the evening.

Try for at least 3 hours total in naps during the day, so she is well rested.

I believe that a well rested baby during the day, sleeps well at night!

I get at least 6 feeds into her by 8pm – with one big feed before bathtime from one side and another feed from he other side after her bath.

She has adapted nicely, and goes down around 8pm often waking anytime from midnight-4am for a feed. This night feed seems to be getting shorter and she will then go back down for another 3-4 hour sleep.

Been debating the whole dream feed thing. Find that she sleeps really well and a big stint at first so don’t want to interrupt this pattern.

She also has two large feeds before bed so is fully stocked up anyway!

Am aware the early morning feeds say from 12-4am are best to keep your milk production up, so will continue with this pattern….until hopefully she drops the night feed of her own accord

Whats next…??

Next week I plan on transitioning her into her own room overnight.

She currently sleeps in their for her day naps and is familiar with the room as we feed/change in there.

Also going to introduce a bottle of expressed breast milk and give this every few days so that she can take from a bottle, giving me some flexibility!

Please do write back with any comments or questions…..till next month !

My 1 Month Old Baby Post Story

1_month_old_baby_handsWow what a magical moment it was seeing our baby girl for the very first time! After carrying her for 9 months and feeling connected to her through the pregnancy journey I was eager to reach the final stage. No-one can prepare you for the moment where you bring your baby into the outside world for the the first time which is both exciting but daunting.

Week 1 – Feeding & Weight

What a huge sense of responsibility I feel having this helpless precious person and caring for her 24/7. This first week felt a bit like a dream with one day merging into the next. We had a few visits from the midwife mainly to check her weight- she had lost about 12 % on day 3 and I later found out that day 5 is normally when they should be weighed for the first time. I was advised to top up with formula which I did for 24 hours reluctantly as I had always wanted to exclusively breastfeed. The following day she was weighed again and had put on 70 grams and no longer required the formula top-ups which was a relief ! I was also instructed to wake her 3-4 hourly for feeds until she reached her birth weight, which I was more relaxed about for the night feeds. In hindsight I would have followed my gut instincts and would have held out introducing formula top-ups until day 5, as this would have allowed enough time for my milk to come in.

I was finding that my baby was very windy and often vomiting after feeds. The midwife advised to help the baby to latch, that I should hand express to slow down the initial flow of milk.

Week 2 – Nappy Rash & Skin Care

I was finding that our baby had developed a nasty nappy rash. I had tried Bepanthen at first which didn’t seem to work very well after a few applications. I then switched to Sudocrem which seems to be working well. I have also being advised to try Metanium, Paw Paw and Penaten cream but are yet to try these out. I also used cotton wool and water the majority of the time rather than baby wipes as I believe at this early age it’s kinder to their skin and cheaper ! The midwife also advised to use Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil on babies dry skin and to massage it in preferably after bath time.

Week 3 – Cluster Feeding & Winding

By week 3 she was establishing her own patterns and was feeding roughly every 4 hours. I did find that in the late afternoon until about 8-9pm she would want to feed every 1-2 hours to stock up for the night. Apparently this is common until 6 months – although a little exhausting I was happy that it was not happening in the middle of the night! At times like these your life draws comparisons to that of a dairy cow! On a serious note it’s so important to eat and drink plenty and to make sure you get enough rest, as breastfeeding really does take it out of you.

With her now cluster feeding in the evening it was more important than ever to get her to burp immediately after each feed. If she did not burp it would often result in her being unsettled for a long period. The winding positions I found most useful were having her over my shoulder and lying face down on your arm.

Week 4 – Settling

By week 4 I could not believe how fast time was going past. I was feeling more confident day by day as she felt more manageable. During the day time the baby was fitting into our daily routine – for example in the morning after a feed I would take her on walk in her baby carrier. She loves the carrier as I am sure it reminds her of being back in the womb. In the afternoon we would often go for a drive and she is very content in her car seat with the motion. We also encouraged her to sleep in the cot in the daytime. At nightime we find bathing her in the early evening and giving her a baby massage followed by a small feed settles her nicely for the night. She tended to wake twice during the night, often sleeping in 4-6 hour blocks.

I was conscious to place her in the cot in a semi drowsy state so that she started to learn to self settle.

That’s it for now, will look to post some specific tips in the coming weeks and also my month 2 experiences!

Welcome To The Completely Baby Blog !

Hi all welcome to my first post on the completely baby blog! I am setting this blog up on my website to be able to share my journey through motherhood with you all. I will be looking to keep this pretty regular with posts a couple of times a month.

In terms of what I will be writing about – this will focus initially on a monthly diary format of my experience and general baby care advice including challenges I have faced and what solutions I found to overcome them. Also looking to share helpful tips and tricks that I have found along the way which have worked for me and am confident will work for you as well. I will be putting various theories to the test as well and feeding back my experience and what worked and didn’t work.

I will also be reflecting on the knowledge I have gained as a childcare professional and how I can incorporate them now into my own parenting. It’s all well and good to have that professional knowledge but being able to apply that to my own parenting is something I am enjoying already and looking to share with you all.

I would like to make this as engaging and interactive as possible so would love to hear your feedback and comments along the way so feel free to post your thoughts against anything you like or find interesting.

Also it would be really great to get some suggestions on the kinds of topics you would be interested in reading so I can tailor my posts to make them as useful as possible.

That’s it for now, look out for my first diary post on my experiences from my first month coming soon!


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