My 2 Month Old Baby Blog Story

Picture presenting cute sleeping babyWeek 5 – Nappy rash

Time is just flying! One day with this little one rolls into the next.

Now I understand what others mothers meant when they said “I never find time to do anything”. One thing I have learnt, you have to make time.

Within reason fit the baby around your life and your needs otherwise you’ll never get anything done!

My poor little baby’s nappy rash continues. Still using Pampers nappies as I have been from Day 1. Tried Bepanthen and Metanium, and these don’t seem to be helping. Have found that Johnsons Baby Wipes Extra Sensitive work the best so far.

May book a GP appointment to get this checked out.

Week 6 – Breastfeeding

Well, I continue to feel like a feeding machine!

This week I contacted the National Breastfeeding Helpline Number:

Aren’t they a helpful bunch…what a super service. On call 24/7 which is really useful and you can just call from your nursing chair!

Wanted some tips on trying to reduce wind after feeding.

They suggested moving baby to a more upright position – her tummy on my tummy, kind of a ‘koala’ position! Then it goes with gravity.

This has helped massively so far, and she is burping mid feed which is efficient!

Also talked about let down and slowing the initial spurt down a bit.

Now hand expressing for a few minutes before morning feeds when I am the fullest! Think better than expressing as this will just stimulate milk production and that seems all fine so far.

Oh and by the way, we had her first smiles this week, a magical moment which brought a tear to my eye.

Week 7 – Nappy rash continues

So the nappy rash continues, a red area on bottom along with small red spots…managed to get a GP to take a look at it.

He prescribed some anti-fungal cream as looks like a fungal infection. Also suggested to use Cetraben.

Also encouraged lots of nappy free time. This proves challenging, finding time and protecting all nearby equipment from accidents! J

Decided against using Cetraben as felt area was well moisturized.

Tried Pampers Baby Dry nappies, supposed to be more absorbent, but still not helping rash. Discovered that local pharmacist sells two types of Metanium!

There’s my mistake! Should have asked…have been using barrier cream rather than the ointment/yellow paste. This helped clear it slightly.

Then a friend suggested changing the nappy brand….I knew this from experience so why didn’t I think of this myself and try it earlier!

Changed to Naty nappies (which are purely natural) – you can get them in Waitrose and Amazon.  And overnight the rash cleared up..

Week 8 – Bedtime Routine

Nearly two months old, can’t believe it! And baby is feeling bigger and stronger every day. Definitely makes you think about making the most of this time as they grow up too quickly.

Quite conscious that I wanted to start a bedtime routine so that my husband and I could get our evenings back!

Tallying up her sleep for the day on the fantastic BabyFeed Iphone App! I am making sure she doesn’t have more than 10-11 hours by 6pm…starting from midnight. So that she is saving up a big stint for the evening.

Try for at least 3 hours total in naps during the day, so she is well rested.

I believe that a well rested baby during the day, sleeps well at night!

I get at least 6 feeds into her by 8pm – with one big feed before bathtime from one side and another feed from he other side after her bath.

She has adapted nicely, and goes down around 8pm often waking anytime from midnight-4am for a feed. This night feed seems to be getting shorter and she will then go back down for another 3-4 hour sleep.

Been debating the whole dream feed thing. Find that she sleeps really well and a big stint at first so don’t want to interrupt this pattern.

She also has two large feeds before bed so is fully stocked up anyway!

Am aware the early morning feeds say from 12-4am are best to keep your milk production up, so will continue with this pattern….until hopefully she drops the night feed of her own accord

Whats next…??

Next week I plan on transitioning her into her own room overnight.

She currently sleeps in their for her day naps and is familiar with the room as we feed/change in there.

Also going to introduce a bottle of expressed breast milk and give this every few days so that she can take from a bottle, giving me some flexibility!

Please do write back with any comments or questions…..till next month !


  1. Emma Charlotte's Gravatar Emma Charlotte
    February 8, 2014    

    Great post! I agree with your thoughts on dream feeding, I tried it and felt guilty for, what seemed like, force feeding my baby just so I could potentially get more sleep. Even after I tried it once, found he still woke anyway (even sooner than normal sometimes!). Love that iPhone baby feed app too…Used it solidly for 6 months! Love reading your story :-) look forward to next post!

    • Catherine's Gravatar Catherine
      February 16, 2014    

      Thanks Emma, glad to know it didn’t make a difference to your baby’s sleep cycle.
      It certainly is going to be hard going app free! ;-)

  2. Rowena's Gravatar Rowena
    February 11, 2014    

    Hi Catherine, We met in pickle n rye a few weeks ago and then at the Sheen weigh in, Sorry it’s taken me so long to find your blogs. Have enjoyed reading them :-)
    My question is, what do you do with your little one in her awake hours? 11 hours sleep between mignight and 8pm leaves a lot if time awake. I’ve never looked after babies before and I don’t know how much entertainment they need or what to do. Mine’s 8 weeks old too
    Hope you and bub are well.

    • Catherine's Gravatar Catherine
      February 16, 2014    

      Great to hear from you Rowena, hope you & you little girl are well?
      We’re both well thanks. At this age they should ideally be awake for 1 1/2-2hrs at a time.
      Zoe does go for longer at times these days, though as long as she gets her total 3 hours naps I’m not that fussed.
      Day starts around 7am and bedtime 7.30pm.
      We follow a regime of change, feed, activity, change & sleep….
      So after feeding 30-40mins…activity may involve tummy time (v imp!), lying under hanging objects on activity mat or interactions during changing eg. singing, talking to baby…
      Hope that helps and we bump into each other soon!

  3. Charlotte's Gravatar Charlotte
    February 12, 2014    

    Hello, love reading the blog. I have a little toddler already but am pregnant with my second. Although I feel more confidant this time it is great to read about your experiences and your tips as I do think I have forgotten what it was like first time round!
    Can you give more detail about the baby feed app you use?
    I have done a search but loads came up and I want to make sure I get a good one! Thanks and look forward to reading more!

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