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My 7 Month Baby Blog Post – Solids, Sleep Patterns, Feeding Technique & Swim Classes

father teaching his baby son to swimHello and hope you have all had a good month.

What a lovely month Zoe has had! Exploring new foods, swimming and developing her physical strength in sitting position.

On the downside those little teeth have been a right pain!

Week 25 – Solids Diet

Started mashing most food now as keen to get Zoe used to lumps early on.

SO much quicker and easier and she actually seems to prefer a bit more texture to her food now! She tends to have whatever we have had for dinner the next day. I try and give her at least one source of protein a day.

Week 26 – Night Sleeping Patterns

Zoe was still waking once a night for a feed around midnight, however once I introduced protein (meat) and upped the dairy in her diet she went through till 5-6am! At last, getting a longer stint of sleep makes us both happier people!

This seems to be the general pattern now and at 5am I try and leave her for a long as possible and then feed her on one side only.

I then put her back down and she generally then wakes at 7-8am when I offer her the other side and then we start the day with breakfast.

Week 27 – Introducing Mesh feeder

Bought a mesh feeder for foods such as melon, cucumber and cheese. Peel and cut up a few chunks of veggies & fruit, she loves to explore new flavours and textures this way.

Finding that it soothes her gums when its chilled and she loves to suck on the juices. It makes quite a bit of mess but it’s a safe way for her to explore this raw food at this stage.

Week 28 – Baby Swim Classes

We have had a few private sessions now with a group of people, all with babies of varying ages.

All was going well until this week when Zoe was submersed and then released by the instructor under water! This shocked both Zoe and me and it took a long time and a lot of effort to calm her down L

I decided to finish the class early as she was so distressed and will go this weekend with my husband at a local pool to try and give her a positive experience in the water. Fingers crossed!


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