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Welcome To The Completely Baby Blog !

Hi all welcome to my first post on the completely baby blog! I am setting this blog up on my website to be able to share my journey through motherhood with you all. I will be looking to keep this pretty regular with posts a couple of times a month.

In terms of what I will be writing about – this will focus initially on a monthly diary format of my experience and general baby care advice including challenges I have faced and what solutions I found to overcome them. Also looking to share helpful tips and tricks that I have found along the way which have worked for me and am confident will work for you as well. I will be putting various theories to the test as well and feeding back my experience and what worked and didn’t work.

I will also be reflecting on the knowledge I have gained as a childcare professional and how I can incorporate them now into my own parenting. It’s all well and good to have that professional knowledge but being able to apply that to my own parenting is something I am enjoying already and looking to share with you all.

I would like to make this as engaging and interactive as possible so would love to hear your feedback and comments along the way so feel free to post your thoughts against anything you like or find interesting.

Also it would be really great to get some suggestions on the kinds of topics you would be interested in reading so I can tailor my posts to make them as useful as possible.

That’s it for now, look out for my first diary post on my experiences from my first month coming soon!


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