Introducing a selection of essential products to support your skincare and breastfeeding journey. These items have been tried and tested by myself and fellow mums and come highly recommended for their effectiveness and convenience.

Invest in these trusted products to enhance your skincare routine and breastfeeding experience, promoting your overall well-being as you navigate the joys of motherhood.

My Top Recommended Baby Products For Mum

WOTNOT Natural Organic Sensitive Facial Wipes

Wot Not Facial Wipes Image

Skincare routine? What even is that when you’re busy juggling new-mum life in the midst of not enough sleep. Doesn’t mean you can’t stay refreshed and ready to face the day, which is why I just love this WotNot range of sensitive wipes. Each one is soothing and gentle on the skin – a great alternative when you’re time poor and need a little refresh.

From removing your make-up (if you managed to squeeze some on that morning), to simply giving your face a clean it deserves, these wipes are the only skincare routine you need in those early days. Take that two-minutes to yourself and leave your skin feeling refreshed and ready for a great night’s sleep. Each WotNot wipe is 100% biodegradable, meaning great for your kids and the environment, enriched with certified organic aloe vera. It’s ideal for sensitive skin, giving the care you deserve.

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Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream

This stuff literally kept me going, especially in the first few weeks. If you’re putting a little gift bag together for an expectant parent or yourself even, make sure to include some Lanisoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream. It’s one of those products that many first-time mums don’t even think about (breastfeeding is the big unknown at that stage), but something you can’t live without once your little one is here.

This Lanisoh nipple cream will keep those sore nipples at bay after each and every feed. Simply wash your hands, add a pea-sized amount between your fingers and then apply to your entire nipple area. You can pop some on before you hop in the shower to help with that initial twinge. The best part, it’s completely safe for your breastfeeding bub, so you don’t have to remove it before feeding.

Lansinoh Nursing Pads

Lansinoh Nursing Pads

I had endless amounts of Lanisoh Nursing Pads on hand and my gosh did they come in handy! Let’s face it, when you’re breastfeeding and heading out with your little one, you don’t know when that next letdown is going to come: when your bub cries for food, or it could be a newborn across the table! It can also help overnight when your little one starts doing longer stretches (hooray!) and your breasts are adjusting.

These Lanisoh Nursing Pads are perfect for those days out and about and overnight, really durable and soft on the skin. Stopping any milk from reaching your bra sheets, and saving you plenty of cleaning. Their unique waterproof layer means you can trust them in your day, and this handy pack comes with 24, so you can discard when you’re done and pop some new ones in. It’s the perfect peace of mind for a breastfeeding mum.

Lansinoh Therapearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy

Lansinoh Therapearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy

If you want to step things up a notch when it comes to soothing your sore nipples, these Lanisoh 3 In 1 Breast Therapy come well recommended by Lactation Consultants and certainly helped me whilst I navigated some breastfeeding issues.

So, how do they work? You simply pop them out of the packet and into the freezer to make it nice and cool. When you feel the need, grab them and nestle into your bra on top of the nipple to provide some immediate relief. You won’t know how you lived without them before!

Each one is sterile and hygienically sealed, and will help to cool your irritated skin, while also soothing nipples and aiding any broken skin. A lifesaver! Super soothing, it’s a quality product that for any breastfeeding mum is worth having on standby.

Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Probiotic

Qiara Pregnancy Breastfeeding

I was highly recommended Qiara Pregnancy and Breastfeeding by my midwife when in hospital after having our second daughter. I developed an infection whilst in hospital and this product was encouraged whilst I was taking antibiotics. It can help restore the balance of good gut and breast milk flora during and after antibiotics, while maintaining and supporting gastrointestinal health.

I continued taking Qiara during my breastfeeding journey and believe it really helped support the good health of my daughter Athena. I now recommend it to all the families I support who are expecting a baby and those that are breastfeeding.
This product can also help to reduce the symptoms and occurrences of mild mastitis (always a concern for breastfeeding mothers!), while keeping you healthy.

It’s recommended while trying to fall pregnant, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Each box contains 28 single-dose sachets of oral powder, and it’s recommended to take one sachet per day.