Ewan The Dream Sheep

What a little gem of a sleep aid Ewan The Dream Sheep is, used for both my girls from day dot! I recommend placing the sheep outside of your baby’s sleep space in those early days, at a safe distance. As your baby grows and progresses to arms out, and beyond, you can slowly introduce this comforter into the cot for them to snuggle up to at sleep time. Ewan even has a velcro tail where you can attach your baby’s dummy, so they can find it all night long.

I particularly love the heartbeat/womb sounds function of Ewan the Dream Sheep and the fact it turns itself off after 20 minutes, as your baby moves into their deeper phase of sleep. There’s even a glowing red heart! Ewan is soft, cuddly and mimics the noises your baby hears when they’re in the womb – no wonder babies love it

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Vava Baby Night Light

Vava Baby Night Light

The days are long, but the years are short. This old adage hits very close to home when you’re sleepily awoken from your peaceful slumber to your newborn each night for feeds. Who knew 2am in the morning could feel this lonely (and dark)? This soft Vava Baby night light will be your new best friend. No more battling around in the dark and trying to find what you need. With its smooth touch control, nappy changes and feeding will be a breeze and you will be comforted by the soft, calming glow.

As your child reaches toddlerhood, this Vava Baby night light will become their new best friend, supporting them through late-night fears and nightmares. This dimmable light comes in eight fabulous colours with a rechargeable battery and energy saving one-hour timer.