Introducing a range of carefully selected baby sleep comforters and aids designed to promote a peaceful and soothing sleep experience for your little one. These products are thoughtfully crafted to provide comfort, security, and reassurance throughout the night. Without further ado, here they are !

My Top Recommended Baby Sleep Comforters & Aids

Kippins Baby Comforter

Through my work as a baby and toddler sleep consultant, I have the unique opportunity to observe various products in action within family settings. One product that has caught my attention over the years is the Kippins Organic Cotton Baby Comforter. It’s clear to see why it’s favoured among families with young children.

This comforter is made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring it is soft, sustainable, and above all, safe for little ones. You can use it as part of a supervised sleep routine, but always adhere to safe sleep guidelines.

Red Nose advises not to leave a soft toy like a Kippin in a sleeping environment unsupervised until your baby is at least 7 months old. This age is also when babies start to benefit most from having a transitional object / comforter. The striking patterns aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they are designed to stimulate and support visual development in infants, an important aspect often overlooked in baby products.

What particularly stands out is how the Dusty Kippin combines practical features like the knots at each corner, which are perfect for teething babies or attaching dummies. These knots provide not only comfort through their texture but also aid in soothing gums, making this comforter a multifunctional must-have.

From what I’ve seen, the Dusty Kippin is more than a simple comforter—it’s a trusted companion in many families, seamlessly fitting into daily routines and providing ongoing comfort and security to children as they grow.

Ewan The Dream Sheep

ewan dream sheep

What a little gem of a sleep aid Ewan The Dream Sheep is, used for both my girls from day dot! I recommend placing the sheep outside of your baby’s sleep space in those early days, at a safe distance. As your baby grows and progresses to arms out, and beyond, you can slowly introduce this comforter into the cot for them to snuggle up to at sleep time. Ewan even has a velcro tail where you can attach your baby’s dummy, so they can find it all night long.

I particularly love the heartbeat/womb sounds function of Ewan the Dream Sheep and the fact it turns itself off after 20 minutes, as your baby moves into their deeper phase of sleep. There’s even a glowing red heart! Ewan is soft, cuddly and mimics the noises your baby hears when they’re in the womb – no wonder babies love it

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Vava Baby Night Light

Vava Baby Night Light

The days are long, but the years are short. This old adage hits very close to home when you’re sleepily awoken from your peaceful slumber to your newborn each night for feeds. Who knew 2am in the morning could feel this lonely (and dark)? This soft Vava Baby night light will be your new best friend. No more battling around in the dark and trying to find what you need. With its smooth touch control, nappy changes and feeding will be a breeze and you will be comforted by the soft, calming glow.

As your child reaches toddlerhood, this Vava Baby night light will become their new best friend, supporting them through late-night fears and nightmares. This dimmable light comes in eight fabulous colours with a rechargeable battery and energy saving one-hour timer.

Lulla Owl

Lulla Owl Wot Baby

Introducing the enchanting Lulla Owl, the latest addition to the renowned Lulla doll collection. Crafted as a gentle soother and sleep companion, this delightful owl is a cherished companion for tiny tots and an excellent travel companion. Emulating the tender closeness of a caregiver, its velvety touch and round-the-clock soothing sounds of authentic breathing and heartbeat provide unwavering solace and reassurance.

The Lulla Owl’s feather-light and compact design ensure utmost safety, as it lacks plush fillings, making it an ideal choice even for the most delicate infants and hospital environments. Drawing inspiration from scientific research and built upon the award-winning design of the beloved Lulla doll, adored by families worldwide, this owl offers a tapestry of tranquil sounds, replicating natural breathing and heartbeat, for a continuous embrace of comfort and support.

Equipped with a convenient Velcro strap, the Lulla Owl securely fastens to cribs, beds, or strollers, accompanying your little one wherever they go. Furthermore, this adorable companion is machine washable, and it comes with two AA batteries, ready to embark on countless peaceful slumbers and serene adventures.

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Bunny Hugs Giving Doll

Cuddle bunny doll grey zero waste

The Bunny Hugs Giving Doll has quickly become an essential part of our lives. This soft bunny companion brings comfort, endless playtime adventures, and a sense of purpose. Made from organic cotton fabrics, it offers a gentle touch that my little one adores.

What sets the Bunny Hugs doll apart is its thoughtful design, including a drawer-style bed that teaches my child the importance of sleep. Its elongated shape is perfect for little hands, promoting motor skills and imaginative play. Not only does this doll bring joy to our family, but it also contributes to a Zero Waste initiative, supporting the needs of less fortunate children. The Bunny Hugs Giving Doll is a treasured companion that brings comfort, joy, and the opportunity to make a positive impact.

In summary, the Bunny Hugs Giving Doll is an irreplaceable addition to our family. With its organic materials, engaging features, and meaningful purpose, it has captured our hearts and made a difference in the lives of others.

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