Discover how I have helped countless families get their babies sleep back on track. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing my families transform their babies sleep! See below a collection of my Video Testimonials and Written Testimonials!

Completely Baby Video Testimonials

Completely Baby Written Testimonials

Overnight Consultation Success !

We are so thankful to Cat and her amazing help and support.

Marc had hit his 4 month ‘regression / leap / who knows’ early and I was absolutely struggling and desperate for help.
I had previously engaged another sleep consultant from when Marc was 3 weeks old but we had in place a very regimented schedule that was no longer working for Bub or me.

Cat came for an overnight visit and helped us with everything! From advice on room set up, bottle teats, settling him during the night, transitioning from SNOO to cot to arms out of swaddle and even help with travelling!

She has been absolutely amazing. I instantly felt relaxed with Cat and her obvious wealth of broad knowledge and caring nature.

Not only is Marc back on track with his sleeping but I’m so much more relaxed and feeling so much better about being able to go out and about and knowing things will survive if I don’t follow the schedule to the minute! THANK YOU CAT

Overnight Consult
Caterina M

Baby routine guru

Catherine put together a brilliant outline of a routine for our new baby that was flexible enough to ensure that I didn’t feel constrained (or that I was failing!) but detailed enough that I was confident in what I should be doing. Having this bespoke approach was so much better than reading it in the books – and I read a few! Catherine understood key details about our baby and the issues that we were having (lots of feeding and not enough sleeping!) and was able to recommend an approach that really helped saving my sanity and resulting in a happy baby. I would definitely look to her again for advice on this and other matters for a knowledgable and tailored approach – thank you!

baby girl
Katie Clinton

Thanks Cat !

Catherine came to visit my five-day-old baby and I at home, when we called on her for help with our unsettled and colicky baby girl who we were having difficulties putting down in her crib.

Having gone through a traumatic and exhausting labour, we had been given some conflicting advice at the hospital which led to us doubting everything we had read and learnt in our antenatal classes (i.e. no need to wind a breast fed baby and not to swaddle) leaving me confused and even more fatigued.

Catherine spent some time demonstrating positions to hold our daughter in ways to help alleviate her wind and calm her, whilst putting emphasis on helping my husband and I to relax and regain our confidence with her.  She then gave us tips to settle our baby into her crib, demonstrating some swaddling techniques and ways to make her feel more secure.

During my first few weeks as a mother I saw countless midwifes, doctors, and health visitors, yet it was Catherine I turned to time and time again for advice. She has genuine knowledge and experience having worked with hundreds of babies and their mothers and I would one hundred percent recommend her to all of my friends.

Jessica W

What A Difference The 3 Week Support Period Made!

Working with Cat has been a great experience. Her approach to sleep is holistic factoring in nutrition, activity and mother/ parent wellbeing in addition to sleep routines and preference for setting. The period from consultation to the conclusion of the 3 week support period went so quickly and I can’t believe the difference now from vs when we started ! It did take our son the 3 weeks for him to fully settle into a new routine but we’re going really well, no crying at all when I put him to bed, he just plays with his bunny for 10mins and goes to sleep! No waking through the night and his day naps have remained easy and consistent! I would highly recommend her services to parents.

Sally M

I would highly recommend Catherine for anyone looking for a local sleep consultant in the Manly area!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Catherine and her advice and guidance has been incredibly helpful to assist our daughter overcome her sleep challenges. Catherine brings both an educational and healthcare perspective to her consultations and she went out of her way to help provide relevant research and support me closely during the 3 week followup support period. Our daughter is now taking the bottle, transitioned perfectly into daycare (both with feeding & sleep) and is sleeping through the night (most nights) ! I would highly recommend Catherine for anyone looking for a local sleep consultant in the Manly area!

baby girl with mother
Donna Hudson

Practical sleep help (& saviour for exhausted parents!) At 8 months Lily was waking 4-6 times a night which was exhausting to say the least. We hoped it was a phase but it didn’t seem to be getting any better. Cat suggested that she could do a sleep ‘audit’ with us to identify a few things to help us all get some better sleep. I was realistic in knowing that sleeping straight through would take work, it is a habit after all, but at least to fix the multiple waking. She spent 2 hours listening, asking questions to understand, and providing suggestions. She’d also clearly spent time building up some ideas and hypotheses for us to test to try and figure out what we needed to change. The types of things we looked at together were Lily’s daytime nap patterns (not routine as such but what more on what she needed), the balance of protein to carbs in her diet, things to keep/add/lose from her bedtime routine, tips on settling her during the night and, most revelatory, spotting which cries are likely to escalate (which we wanted to avoid) and which ones would settle after a few moments. We made changes the next day that immediately brought a couple of full nights sleep (amazing!) and if not sleeping straight through, then only waking once or possibly twice. Lily is now 10 months and whilst we’ve had a few bad spells since working with Cat, these have all been teething or cold related. I can confidently say that our conversation with Cat transformed our approach to sleep and helped our baby get much needed zzzzzzzzzzzs.

Rowena James

A great source of advice for all things baby Maya is seven months old and she is my second child, I am so glad I contacted Catherine for some much advice and support! I was in need of guidance for ensuring Maya’s sleep routines and her transition to solids worked well to ensure the smoothest possible return to work for me. Daycare asked me advise them of Maya’s routine – but at six months I was still flying through the days and nights in a survival mode with no plan or structure! This is what led me to contacting Catherine for help. She gave us practical advice that worked so well for the particular needs of our family as well as sample routines. Over a month the support we have received has massively improved Maya’s sleeping and eating habits. I now feel much more empowered and on top of things before I return to work next month!


Highly Recommend I have known Cat for 12 months now and her advice when transitioning my daughter on to solids was invaluable. She guided us through meal time routines and creative ways to make meal times fun. I would highly recommend Cat to any of my friends and family.

Alexandra Wilcox