Need Help With Your Baby's Sleep?

Let me help your baby find sleep more easily
Complete baby sleep

Need Help With Your Baby's Sleep?

Let me help your baby find sleep more easily

Hi my name is Catherine and I am an experienced Baby Sleep Consultant based on the lower north shore of Sydney, who provides practical sleep support and guidance to families with babies and toddlers from newborn up to 4 years.

I have professionally cared for babies and toddlers for over 20 years as a Children’s Nurse and Early Childhood Educator. As a mother of two girls, I appreciate more than ever the daily challenges you might be facing with your own baby. This can be a stressful and anxious time for you which is why getting the right support and guidance is crucial to give you and your baby the best possible start in this journey together.

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Some people cope with lack of sleep better than others. However, lack of sleep has many side effects, such as changes in mood and loss of concentration. Mood changes may present as feeling more down and irritable. Put simply I believe you can’t live well without sleep!

When it comes to sleep there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all approach’! Like adults, all babies have different sleep requirements and can find falling asleep easy or difficult.

After working with countless families over the years I have observed parents encountering the same problems with sleep time and time again – these include:

  • Daytime napping
  • Bedtime struggles
  • Night waking
  • Night feeding

I appreciate that babies like families are completely unique, and with that, each baby will have their own sleep needs and requirements and therefore require their own personalized approach to care.

My aim at Completely Baby is to empower you as parents to care for your baby with confidence so that the early years can be as rewarding as possible. Ensure restful nights for your little one with our expert baby sleep consultations, guided by a professional sleep coach. Trust our infant sleep specialist to create a personalized plan for peaceful slumbers.

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What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

complete baby sleep

A baby sleep consultant is a professional who coaches you about all things sleep for your little one! Someone who is there to guide and support you through the many challenges associated with this basic human need that your baby requires to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

This coaching may be done through various means such as via email, phone or video call or in person in your own home.

Baby Sleep Consultants may cover areas such as the physiology of sleep; age developmental sleep patterns/requirements; understanding infant sleep cues; promoting self-soothing and more.

Why choose Completely Baby?

I have over 20 years professional experience working with babies and bring both a healthcare as well as infant educational perspective to my families. I started my career as a children’s nurse in the UK then relocated to Australia and continued nursing for a short period of time. Following this, I then decided to transition into early education working my way up to Director level in a number of leading long day care services of various sizes.

Personally I have always had a natural affinity with babies and believe infants are capable learners and develop so much in such a short period of time. For this reason, I want to support parents to be involved in this growth and development and help them to feel confident in this process.

During the first few years of life, our babies brains undergo the most rapid growth, with many of the basic brain connections being made in the first few months and first year. Thus highlighting the significance of understanding and meeting your baby’s needs and fostering that emotional security as early on as possible.

We are all exposed to so much information these days, which can be overwhelming at the best of times – particularly when it comes to pregnancy and babies! It can be hard to know what is really going to be effective. I aim to strip this back and get back to basics, making parenting easier and more rewarding for all involved.

As a parent myself, I understand how caring for your baby can take its toll emotionally and want to be there to listen and work together with you to make this easier.

I believe parenting should be flexible, not placing unnecessary stress or expectations on either you or your baby. My suggestions offer a flexible approach, which I feel is the most beneficial.

There is nothing I find more rewarding than hearing about how my recommendations have had a real impact on the lives of parents, this really drives me to want to help more families.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Having worked with infants and toddlers now, for over 20 years in both a health and education setting I bring a unique perspective to my consultations. As a practitioner, I use evidence based research and foster an infant mental health approach, respecting that each baby is individual and unique. With that, I use response based steps in relation to settling and together, we take things one day at a time. As with any transition, I support things being gradual and guided best by you and your babies capabilities. My settling strategies should not at any point be distressing for your child.

I previously contracted for one of the largest corporate baby sleep companies in Australia called Ternity Group as well as more recently started volunteering my time for Red Nose Australia at their events and supporting on their phone lines for parents who have experienced loss.

 Want to know more? Book a free chat with me here.

The way I respond to and care for babies is influenced by Magda Gerber’s ‘Educaring Approach’. I have a deep level of trust and respect for babies and allow for them to have opportunity to respond, explore and “just be”. I adopted this approach both as a parent and professional as it continually demonstrates to me how significantly it promotes babies sense of self and authenticity, and more importantly fosters the foundation for secure relationships. Many parents adopt different parenting styles/techniques which I can appreciate based on how they were parented as children and other factors. This will be taken into consideration as we work together to achieve set goals.
You can see all of my packages here. If you have any questions just give me a call on 0406 344 010!

After your consultation I will provide you with a baby care plan with my initial reccomendations. As we navigate the support period together, based on how your baby responds, we may need to adjust those reccomendations which is completely normal.

I have been working with infants and babies for over 20 years. I have a Bachelor in Children’s Nursing degree from Oxford UK, a Diploma in Children’s Services (Early Childhood Education and Care) as well as an OCN Maternity Nurse Practitioner Award. For more information about my experience check out my About Page.

The most basic package I offer is my Express Phone Consultation which is ideal for parents with less complicated sleep issues. See My Packages page here to learn more!

Yes! I have just launched my first ebook which focussed on sleep and settling techniques for the o-4 month age group. You can check it out here
I plan on creating ebooks for older age groups shortly so watch this space!

This is pretty common, I do offer a variety of packages and I tend to find after having an initial free chat with you I will be able to guide you on the best option based on your situation. Book your free chat in with me today via this link!

Whilst I believe that each baby is unique with their own individual sleep requirements and needs, I do use a ‘response based sleep approach”.

In short this means by responding gently and consistently you are setting up an environment in which your baby will feel secure and thus more easily find sleep.

I work with families on the value of slowing down and interpreting the situation before responding. Understanding each family’s unique situation cannot be underestimated.

I have always had an affinity with babies and started my career as a children’s nurse. I then moved into early education and quickly moved into a leadership position with a large daycare provider. It soon became apparent how vital sleep was for infant and toddler health. Sleep is a learnt skill requiring developmental readiness. Promoting infant and toddler sleep in a childcare setting presents its own set of challenges. Many families were understandably struggling with sleep and settling and I found the opportunity to help support them and make a real difference. As such I decided to setup Completely Baby to support families in the lower north shore of Sydney in person and virtually throughout the rest of Sydney and Australia.


Generally most families I work with will realise some near immediate benefits after the consultation, but persistence and consistency in applying recommendations are how my parents will see long term success. What I have observed is there are 2 key things that will make the biggest difference to seeing improvements outside of the tailored recommendations I will make: 1) being ready to make a change right now and 2) persistence and willingness to persevere and understanding every day will be different. For this reason I offer 3 weeks followup support which is on demand so my parents feel completely supported throughout this transition.

Nearly all my packages come with 2 weeks of followup support via my app. Following on our consultation I will provide you with access to an exclusive app that allows parents to easily track and monitor their babies sleep during the 2 week period. 

After you complete your consultation with me, I will provide you with a sleep plan and access to an exclusive app which will allow you to track and monitor your progress. In a few clicks you can enter all your babies sleep information which I can also see and monitor. This in turn allows me to really hone the recommendations and maximize the improvements in the 3 week support period. My current clients love the app and am sure you will also!

I have compiled a complete list of baby products – everything from the best sleepwear, through to blackout blinds. All products I have tried and tested myself on my own children. Check out my Recommended Products Page here to learn more.

Yes fair question! I have worked with babies and toddlers for almost 20 years. Having trained and worked as a pediatric nurse and then moved into childcare I combine a unique healthcare and educational perspective that many of my clients find reassuring. I have close relationships with GPs and health practitioners who work with infants as well so remain connected to the local healthcare community on the north shore of sydney. This coupled with my experience I feel is a key benefit of using my services.

Sleep Training, or as I like to call it, “Sleep Guidance”, is something I do not recommend attempting before earliest 3 months old. There are some other considerations so to learn more and help decide if you are ready check out this detailed article I wrote or book a free chat with me now!

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