Introducing two transformative books that will guide you through the challenges of parenthood and help you foster a strong and secure relationship with your child.

Invest in these invaluable resources and embark on a journey of growth and connection with your child. Discover the joy and fulfillment that comes from building a strong parent-child relationship and navigating the challenges of parenthood with confidence.

My Top Recommended Parent Education Books

The Whole Brain Child

whole brain child

If there’s ONE book you need to read as a parent, it’s this one. It was recommended to me after the birth of my first child. Naturally, being a new mum is overwhelming enough, so it took me a while to actually get to reading it. Once I did – I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I have since reread it as a refresher, as it contains so much useful information you can just keep coming back to.

So, what exactly is this book. You know those pesky toddler tantrums? Or those stubborn preschooler days as they refuse to listen? Right up to latter-primary and then teenage years as the defiance kicks in. Unfortunately, kids don’t exactly come with manuals, so it can be hard to know exactly what to do in these situations. In this book, Daniel J. Diegel, neuropsychiatrist, and Tina Payn Bryson, parenting expert, explain the science of how a child’s brain is wired and how it matures. 

By applying their discoveries to your everyday parenting it will completely change the way you do things. You can turn each outburst, argument or fear into a chance to integrate your child’s brain and foster growth. You can raise a happier, calmer child, and a happier and calmer YOU!

Raising a Secure Child

Raising A Secure Child

Raising kids is a big task and can feel just a tad daunting at times. This book is like having a best friend constantly by your side, giving you great pointers along the way. If you’re not much of a book person, or perhaps need a little extra help (who doesn’t!), you can join a Circle of Security online parenting program for even more helpful advice and support. But for now, back to the book.

Do you often feel overwhelmed trying to do it all? There’s so much pressure on parents these days! You need to work, but not too much. Be present at all life stages. Help your child, but don’t overstep. Be involved. Cook fresh, healthy meals. The list goes on! And we are constantly comparing ourselves to those around us. Of course, in this strive to do everything right, we often miss what our kids actually need. Kent Hoffman, Glen Cooper and Bert Powell share their  “Circle of Security” parenting strategies in self-help form in this informative read. 


You can discover exactly how to nurture your little one right through to the teenage years, instilling independence and meeting their emotional needs. You’ll find plenty of practical tools and insight into your own childhood to develop these key skills, guiding you through each life stage with confidence.