Find below important fact sheets and guidelines from Red Nose Australia concerning stillbirth prevention and safe pregnancy practices. Learn about monitoring baby’s movements during pregnancy and the importance of maternal side sleeping from 28 weeks to reduce the risk of stillbirth. 

Decreased Baby Movements Fact Sheet

This Red Nose fact sheet on stillbirth prevention highlights the importance of monitoring baby’s movements during pregnancy. It emphasizes that an active unborn baby is a healthy baby, and any changes in movement should be reported to a healthcare professional immediately. The fact sheet provides information on normal baby movements, reasons for changes in fetal movement, and offers resources for further information and support.

Maternal Side Sleeping Fact Sheet

This Red Nose safe sleeping fact sheet focuses on the importance of maternal side sleeping in preventing stillbirth. It highlights research showing that sleeping on the side from 28 weeks of pregnancy can reduce the risk of late-term stillbirth by half compared to sleeping on the back. The fact sheet explains the physiological reasons behind this recommendation and provides further information and resources for stillbirth prevention.