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3 Month BabyHi all. Hope you & babies are doing well!

Wow! Reached the 3 month milestone and it feels good!

Here’s how the past few weeks panned out for Zoe and I, there’s been challenging times but the smiles and giggles make it all worthwhile!

Week 9 Transition Crib To Cot

I made the decision this week to move Zoe into her own room and decided to take the plunge to transition from bassinet to cot.

She is quite a noisy sleeper and to be honest I wanted our bedroom back! Started by placing her into her own cot in the daytime for naps. She was already familiar with the room as was doing feeding and changing in there.

She slept with no problems, so after a few naps placed her in there at night and thankfully all worked out well! Found the first few nights hard to baby sleep as worried about her moving around etc. But gradually got used to it and then felt quite guilty moving her out so soon!

Oh well, can’t go back now!

Bought a swaddle sack called a Woombie, check out

Had used one on a baby before and as Zoe was waking herself up by coming out of her muslin swaddle, decided to give this a go!Invested in two as then always have a spare if one needs washing!

She loved it as it makes her feel secure and also prevents unnecessary waking.

Question: Anyone else using these swaddle bags and how are you finding them?  

Week 10 Night Feeds & Sleep

Night feeds are still at once a night, with them becoming shorter. Luckily she goes down nicely after a feed so it’s a quick turnaround! Stopped changing at night now when she wakes as nappy doesn’t feel as saturated and the less disturbance the better.

She has been sleeping longer stints at night over the past few weeks so improved baby sleep patterns, anywhere from 6-9 hours and has done her first 8pm-6am sleep! A lucky Mummy J

Spoke with the Health Visitor who suggested to wake Zoe up as she may get dehydrated and that most likely it is a one off! Also to keep an eye on nappies etc. making sure they are wet in the morning.

And if it continues just monitor her weight. My instinct was to let her sleep as nappies are fine and seems content, so left her and the next night she was back to waking once again!

Week 11 Cradle cap & Sleeping Through!

Zoe has developed quite a lot of cradle cap on her head and eyebrows, poor thing! Have been rubbing sunflower oil into it twice a day, morning and evening. Have been advised not to pick it off but can gently brush off using a soft baby brush, so may try this.

Question: Has anyone else got any suggestions for treatment of cradle cap?

We had a breakthrough this week as Zoe slept through the night 5 times! Yeh J Going down around 8am and waking around 5 or 6am. Fingers crossed we are on the path to sleeping through!

Week 12: Swaddling & Growth Spurt

So, after 5 times of sleeping through we are back to waking once a night and Zoe is starving! Think she is going through her 12 week growth spurt as feeding for longer during the day and having a big feed once a night anytime from 2-4am. What a shock it has been going back to night feeds after having that lovely unbroken sleep! Hopefully just a short phase and sleeping through wasn’t just a teaser! Also trying to transition out of the Woombie and not having much success!

They suggest taking their arms out once baby can roll.

Zoe isn’t even near rolling yet but seems to be kicking off covers and sucking her bag, which looks to me like she is trying to self-soothe! Defo a thumb sucker on the way!

She also is 3 months now and from experience I know that habits are harder to break now past this point!

Started with day naps, trying cold turkey straight into grow bag with arms both out. No chance! Tried for about 30 mins, calming her with one hand on tummy and hands on her hands but she was so unsettled with her arms flailing around!

Also tried again a few days later with one arm out in muslin swaddle and again found it hard to settle but did and slept for a short while.

Have decided to hold off for a bit longer as her startle reflex still seems quite prominent. She is doing so well at night and settles so nicely in the woombie.

I don’t want to disrupt things just yet and I feel like in another month she may be less erratic with her movements and easier to transition.

Please do share any tips you might have on transitioning out of a swaddle?

Also what age did you swaddle your baby til?

Tip of the month!

‘Johnsons wipes extra protection’ have a nappy cream/aloe vera in them!

Which saves taking creams around with you applying them.

Next month….plans to establish a daily routine for Zoe and start some local baby groups. Excited as the groups give me as much entertainment as they will do Zoe!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one” Jill Churchill   

Catherine Completely Baby Sleep Consultant

Catherine Thompson
Baby Sleep Consultant & Owner of Completely Baby

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