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4 Month BabyHello lovely people! Hope you & babies are well.

Would love to hear how your journey is going and for you to share some special moments with us.

My special moment was hearing Zoe laugh away as I bounced her up and down on my lap whilst singing Row Row Row your Boat!

Couldn’t help but laugh with her, which made her giggle even more!

Here is a breakdown of my 4th month experiences and observations – hope you find them interesting and useful.

Week 13 – Curing Cradle Cap

I had previously mentioned that I was prescribed Diprobase to use on Zoe’s Cradle Cap and dry skin. I have actually found that some Olive Oil and brushing her scalp with a soft baby brush is equally as effective. It’s looking a lot better but requires persistence and have been doing at least morning and night for a few weeks now.

Week 14 – Time To Unswaddle !

Finally Yes! This week Zoe decided after a few attempts at going cold turkey with the swaddle with both arms out in a grow bag that she was going to sleep un-swaddled! So relieved J

She went off nicely in her grow bag in the first nap of the day.

I also put her feeding muslin in with her as I had noticed she likes to hold it whilst feeding, so thought this may help her settle.

No going back now, also ordered a mobile for her cot to help her wind down before her day sleeps as these are often more tricky for her to settle.

Mobile seems to be a big hit! She coos and squeals looking up at it…came recommended, it’s the BabyLove Classic mobile. Don’t be put off at first as it does seem a gimmicky but it really does the trick!

Week 15 – Establishing A New Routine

This week I really concentrated on looking at Zoe’s patterns, i.e when she was hungry and tired.

I then came up with her rough routine for the day, making sure I crammed in enough feeds to tank her up for the night!

This routine is flexible but the emphasis is on 3 naps per day, with the longest being in the middle part of the day and feeds 3-4hrly, starting from 7am.

Week 16 – Night Feeds

Zoe is still waking around midnight for a feed and then at 5am, settling immediately afterwards and then waking around 7am, when we start our day!

Any feed before 7am I treat as a night feed, so feeding in the dark with no stimulation.

I still haven’t introduced a dream feed as feel its more natural not too, however as the weeks go on, she may get hungrier then I may decide to try it.

Now giving full feed before bed rather than split feeds as feel she is hungrier at that time and fills her up nicely for bed.

Please do comment back with any questions or any related experiences you have had with your baby!

A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it

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Catherine Completely Baby Sleep Consultant

Catherine Thompson
Baby Sleep Consultant & Owner of Completely Baby

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