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5 Month BabyHello all readers, hoping you and babies are well.

A bit late with this  – my next blog post!

Would love to hear your highlights of the past month and welcome any tips that you may have.

Little baby has changed so much this month, trying to sit up now and babbling away. Chewing fingers is a great pastime!

Week 17 – Tummy Time

Little baby is getting much stronger with her neck and head control now.

I try and put her on her tummy before a feed for about 5-10mins and interact with her on the floor.

She lifts herself up, pushing down on her arms and turns her head from side to side following toys etc.

Its really great to help them build that core strength needed for sitting up and crawling.

It is though hit and miss with her tolerance on her tummy!

Week 18 – Introducing Solids

After much debate about whether to wait for a bit longer before starting solids I felt like she was needing something more now at this stage.

The Department of Health and Health Visitors advise to start at 6 months.

After speaking with my local GP about either introducing a formula feed in the evening or giving a small amount of baby rice, I decided to go with the baby rice as really wanted to try and make 6 months exclusively breast feeding.

Baby took the rice well and had no trouble swallowing. Seemed eager for more!

Only gave 1tsp at 5pm and as a result she dropped a night feed, which was more of a snack feed in the night anyway. It all helps though!

Did find over this week though that she was quite windy in the night, so was advised to move it to breakfast time so that she has all day to digest it.

This is working much better for her and next week will give her some at lunchtime also after her mid morning feed. Just a teaspoon  at this stage.

Week 19 – Rolling Over

So exciting, this week my little one rolled from front to back!

It took us both by surprise as she looked up at me startled and after a lot of praise a smile soon appeared as if to say “heh look what I can do Mummy”.

She hasn’t done it since though!

Whenever she is on her tummy, I encourage her to push up and turn over with some help.

Week 20 – Eliminating Caffeine

Day sleeps have got shorter recently, with some days just being 45 minutes each.

These days are exhausting for us both!

Had a think about reasons for this and recently have gone back to drinking caffeinated coffee out in cafes. I had a baby fighting sleep on our hands so I wanted to see what would happen if I did this.

Decided to go back to decaf coffee when out and this seems to have made all the difference with her sleeping for longer periods again.

Because I am exclusively breast feeding and enjoy quite a bit of chocolate I think it just builds up in her system leaving her slighty wired!

Next month is an important milestone and solids will really come into play!

Looking forward to introducing all the new foods and the mess! J

Quote of the month

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection”.

Sigmund Freud

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Catherine Completely Baby Sleep Consultant

Catherine Thompson
Baby Sleep Consultant & Owner of Completely Baby

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